Kharkiv: SSU detains foreign blogger who denied ruscists’ crimes and insulted Ukrainian defenders

The SSU has collected evidence against a foreign blogger who publicly justified russia’s armed aggression and disseminated fakes about the war in Ukraine.

The suspect is a citizen of a Latin American country, but has been living in Kharkiv for several years.

After the start of the full-scale invasion, the blogger was one of the first to support russian invaders and glorify their war crimes.

He also discredited Ukraine’s top military and political leadership and the Defence Forces.

The investigation documented that last spring the propagandist had personally filmed provocative videos, trying to capture the faces of Ukrainian defenders and insulting them.

He published his ‘streams’ on his two channels on YouTube and Telegram with a total audience of almost 300,000 subscribers.

The blogger also denied the facts of russian missile strikes on Ukrainian cities and mass murders of civilians by ruscists.

During the searches of the suspect’s home, the SSU found mobile phones and a computer with evidence of the unlawful activity.

The SSU-initiated examinations confirmed the facts of the foreign propagandist’s criminal actions.

SSU investigators have served him a notice of suspicion under Articles 436-2.2, 436-2.3 of the CCU (production and dissemination of materials justifying russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, committed repeatedly).

The court chose custody as a measure of restraint. The investigation is ongoing.

The SSU Office in Kharkiv region carried out the investigation under the supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.