Kharkiv: SSU detains russian spotter who spied on Ukrainian positions under guise of walking dog

The SSU has prevented a new series of missile and bomb attacks on Kharkiv region. The main targets of the aggressor were air defense systems that protect the regional center and adjacent areas.

As a result of a special operation in Kharkiv, a russian intelligence informant who was preparing an air attack on military facilities of the Defense Forces was detained red-handed.

Under the guise of walking a dog, the spy tried to establish the locations of the AFU radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems.

The traitor had to pass the relevant coordinates to the occupiers to fire on Ukrainian troops.

However, the SSU has exposed the russian informant and thwarted the aggressor's plans.

The SSU documented the offender's intelligence activity from its beginning. Comprehensive measures were taken to protect the AFU units defending Kharkiv region.

At the final stage of the special operation, the offender was detained when he tried to covertly record the perimeter of one of the Ukrainian military facilities.

The traitor was seized of a cell phone with photos of a potential target for a russian air strike.

According to the investigation, the enemy accomplice is an employee of a local manufacturing company who supported the kremlin regime.

He posted this in russian Telegram channels and thus came to the attention of russian intelligence. Further communication with the aggressor took place via anonymous chat in the messenger.

In addition, the traitor secretly elicited information from his colleagues and acquaintances.

Based on the collected evidence, SSU investigators have served the russian informant a notice of suspicion under Art. 114-2.2 of the CCU (unauthorized dissemination of information on movement, transfer or deployment of the AFU).

The offender is currently in custody facing 8 years in prison.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Office in Kharkiv region under the procedural supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office.