SSU detains Medvedchuk’s associates working in ‘The Other Ukraine’ project

In Kyiv, the Security Service of Ukraine has uncovered an underground cell of the pro-kremlin political project ‘The Other Ukraine’. This organization in russia is headed by Viktor Medvedchuk, who is coordinating his ‘work’ with the FSB and is accused of treason in Ukraine.

In Kyiv, responsible for the ‘project’ was a group of agents engaged in information subversion against Ukraine. They disseminated video content discrediting the Defence Forces and calling on Ukrainians to lay down their arms and surrender.

The group included video content specialists who set up an underground studio in their home in Kyiv region and produced animated videos for the ‘platform’.

The finished media products were sent for approval to their russian supervisor.

The latter is Denis Zharkikh, a former presenter on Medvedchuk’s TV channels, currently – the director of ‘The Other Ukraine’ in moscow.

After consideration, he gave permission to spin the anti-Ukrainian content on the Internet.

For this purpose, the persons involved used the information resources controlled by Medvedchuk. These included ‘The Other Ukraine’ website, pages on social media and the YouTube.

For each video, the members of the group received money from russia: the cash was personally handed over to them in Kyiv by a close relative of the organization’s director.

During the searches of the suspects’ homes, the investigators found computer equipment and mobile phones with evidence of subversive activities against Ukraine.

Based on the evidence, the SSU notified the two detainees of suspicion under Article 111.2 of the CCU (high treason, committed under martial law).

The group’s supervisor, the director of the organization ‘The Other Ukraine’ Denis Zharkikh, is suspected under the same Article of the Criminal Code.

The investigation to bring to justice all those involved in the information subversions against Ukraine is underway.

The operation was carried out under the procedural supervision of Kyiv Region Prosecutor’s Office.