Odesa: SSU detains FSB agent who spied on air defence positions near Black Sea

The SSU has foiled another attempt by the FSB to obtain intelligence on Ukrainian troops in Odesa region.

The enemy was trying to identify the geolocations of air defence missile systems and radar stations that defend the sea and coast of the southern region, as well as telecommunications installations in this area.

To establish the coordinates of the Defence Forces’ combat positions and strategic infrastructure, the russian intelligence used its agent from Odesa.

The perpetrator used the cover of a head of a local company that employs sailors on fishing and merchant vessels.

The agent drove around the region and covertly recorded the locations of possible deployment of Ukraine’s Defence Forces.

He immediately reported the collected data to the FSB, sending it as text messages and marks on Google maps.

In case of confirming the coordinates, the occupiers planned to carry out targeted missile and drone strikes on them.

The SSU uncovered the enemy asset timely and documented every step of his criminal activity.

Due to a prompt response, the spy was detained ‘red-handed’ while conducting reconnaissance near a potential target.

Action was taken to protect Ukrainian troops.

During the searches, the SSU found fake IDs of a ‘newspaper editor’ and an ‘employee of a local water utility company’. The agent also regularly changed phones and SIM cards to conceal his activities.

Based on the evidence, SSU investigators notified the detainee of suspicion under Article 111.2 of the CCU (high treason, committed under martial law).

The suspect is in custody and faces life imprisonment.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Odesa Office under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.