Odesa: SSU detains FSB agent who collected intelligence on new Defence Forces units (video)

As a result of a special operation in Odesa oblast, the SSU apprehended another russian agent.

The offender is a former law enforcement officer who was recruited by an FSB officer after the launch of the full-scale invasion.

On the aggressor’s instructions, the agent collected intelligence on bases of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Border Guard Service in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions.

The enemy was especially interested in information about a newly created volunteer battalion of the AFU the Black Sea Sich.

To gather intelligence, the russian agent made an appointment for an interview with the battalion’s leadership, supposedly to join the unit.

Under such cover, he covertly photographed the military unit’s location and studied the commander’s personality in order to try to recruit him later.

The SSU documented all the stages of the FSB agent’s criminal activity and detained him when he was conducting reconnaissance.

According to the investigation, the traitor, on his own initiative, contacted the russian special service and offered his assistance in the war against Ukraine.

To do this, he gave the FSB a written commitment to secretly cooperate for the benefit of the aggressor state.

The spy also wrote an application to the russian minister of interior, asking to consider his candidacy for a senior position in the ‘department of economic security and anti-corruption in Odesa region’ in case the oblast is captured.

Investigators established that after the missile strikes on Odesa, the russian agent went to the targeted areas to record the consequences and adjust the repeated air attacks.

During the search, the SSU found his mobile phone with evidence of communication with the enemy.

SSU investigators have notified the detained individual of suspicion under the Article 111.2 of the CCU (high treason committed under martial law).

The court chose custody as a measure of restraint. The investigation is ongoing.

The operation was carried out by the SSU Odesa Office under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office.