SSU neutralizes russian Internet agents coordinated from Crimea by member of United Russia party

The SSU continues to counter information operations of the occupiers.

In particular, the SSU dismantled another network of russian Internet agents and identified their supervisors. One of them is a member of pro-kremlin russian party and is currently in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

During the searches, the SSU seized communication devices and computer equipment with evidence of criminal activity, as well as a large amount of ammunition for firearms, from the agents.

In Dnipropetrovsk region:

The SSU detained an enemy agent involved in destabilizing the internal political situation in the region. He spread calls on the Internet in support of the occupiers and tried to impose on locals the ideas of the so-called ‘russkiy mir’ [note: russian world].

The individual spread his provocative ‘posts’ through social networks, including those banned in Ukraine.

According to the investigation, the agent is a former employee of the regional police department, who in 2014 refused to participate in the anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine and resigned from the Interior Ministry.

Before the full-scale russian aggression, he was looking for ‘like-minded people’ trying to involve them in subversive activities against Ukraine.

He coordinated his unlawful activity with a member of a regional branch of United Russia party in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

In case of successful execution of assignments and occupation of Dnipropetrovsk region, the agent was promised a leadership position in the ‘russian law enforcement.’

The detainee has now been notified of suspicion of committing a crime. The court has ruled to keep him in custody.

In Kyiv:

The SSU detained another russian agent, who administered a network of Internet platforms created by russian special services to carry out information operations against Ukraine.

His ‘arsenal’ included a whole network of fake accounts in social media and messenger apps, which could reach the ‘audience’ of over  350,000 users.

Through Internet resources, he actively spread calls for support of the occupiers and justified ruscists’ crimes.

The agent agreed the details of ‘information attacks’ with russian special services through established communication channels. In their ‘communication’, the individual expressed hope for establishment of russian occupation administration in Kyiv.

In Sumy region:

The SSU exposed two enemy propagandists who publicly called for demonstrative punishment of Ukrainian defenders . They advocated for their ideas in social networks banned in Ukraine.

In Cherkasy:

The SSU blocked subversive activity of a local woman who discredited the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Internet and campaigned for support of the occupiers.

In Zaporozhzhia:

The SSU exposed a traitor. He voluntarily agreed to be appointed head of the so-called ‘people’s militia’ in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk.

He has been notified of suspicion of committing a crime.

Upon all the revealed facts, the SSU is taking urgent steps to identify and bring to justice all those involved in crimes against Ukraine.