SSU dismantles criminal group preparing attacks on city facilities in border regions of Ukraine

The SSU is working comprehensively to prevent and counter subversive activities against the state security. In a large-scale operation in Zhytomyr and Kharkiv, the SSU Counterintelligence dismantled an organized criminal group coordinated by Russian special services.

Among the items seized from the suspects - an explosive device, firearms and ammunition.

The gang’s organizers were preparing to carry out a series of attacks on city infrastructure facilities, including in the commercial sector. According to their plan, this would destabilize the internal situation in the regions.

The SSU established that the group was organized by two local residents, one of which has Russian citizenship. Under the guise of ‘employment in a security company’, they selected candidates for the gang. To do this, they used their connections in the criminal environment.

During the searches at the places of stay of both organizers, the law enforcement found:

  • special technical devices for radio frequency jamming,
  • records of planning the attacks,
  • communication devices,
  • computer equipment and data carriers with evidence of illegal activity.

The investigation is underway to establish all the circumstances of the offence and bring the involved to justice.

The SSU Offices in Zhytomyr and Kharkiv regions carried out the operation in coordination with the SSU Counterintelligence Department, under the supervision of Zhytomyr Region Prosecutor’s Office.