Russia’s special services destabilize security situation in Transnistria

Russian special services have set a course to destabilize the security situation in the so-called Transnistrian Republic. This is evidenced not only by the explosions on the territory of the unrecognized Transnistrian People’s Republic, but also by a number of informational messages spread by Russian propagandists.

Probably, after the ‘massive exposure of neo-nazis with illegible signatures’, who just in a day have become a real meme, the FSB invented a new activity for itself.

Among other things, they spread an appeal on behalf of the Security Service of Ukraine through various telegram channels to ‘citizens of Transnistria’ calling for evacuation, allegedly due to a threat of artillery shelling by Ukraine.

We urge you not to believe this fake in any way and to understand that there is one current main threat to all residents of the so-called Transnistria, and Europe as a whole, - Russia, which due to inadequate actions of its leadership is ready to carry out provocations of any kind.