Ivan Bakanov: SBU officers should feel state support

In the city of Vinnytsia, the first stage of construction of apartment complex for SBU employees has been completed. Among the owners of 72 apartments are SBU servicemen who defend our state every day, including on its eastern borders.

The commissioning of the new building became possible due to the initiative of the SBU leadership, as well as with the assistance of state and local authorities. It should be noted that the commissioning of such level took place for the first time in many years.

"People who defend our country should receive social guarantees, feel state support, and be confident that the state protects them," said the SBU Head Ivan Bakanov.

He added that respect for the work of SBU employees should be expressed not only in words but also in such specific things as: social guarantees, salaries, housing. Special support should be given to young families of SBU officers and people who approved themselves in combat missions and special operations, both in the east of the country and in peaceful cities.

"We must create good conditions for employees’ professional growth, provide modern equipment, increase the level of social guarantees. We are already doing it gradually," Ivan Bakanov noted.