SSU has plenty of evidence of massive looting by occupiers (audio)

 Getting rich in Ukraine is not a problem: go to any apartment and take what you want.

This is what another aggressor says in the conversation intercepted by the SSU.

The SSU has ample evidence that looting among the occupiers has reached such proportions that it will soon be their only purpose in Ukraine.

The invaders are openly bragging to their relatives about their ‘achievements’. Like this one, whose military unit is based in Donetsk region.

He calls his wife from a Ukrainian SIM card, which he ‘found’ together with the mobile phone. But this is not his only trophy. He boasts about a watch worth 40,000, Play Station 4 and UAH 80,000.

To impress his wife, he converts this sum to rubles. However, at the pre-war rate. He says that it equals RUB 240,000. The invader apparently does not yet know how sanctions devalued the Russian currency.

He says that some of his comrades-in-arms ‘will come home and pay mortgage’.

However, while orcs fantasize about spending the loot, the Ukrainian military are destroying them on all fronts.

Our victory is coming soon!

Glory to Ukraine!