SSU interception confirms: shelling of Olenivka prison was carried out by occupiers (audio)

The SSU has intercepted telephone conversations in which occupiers confirm that russian troops are to blame for this tragedy. Even the militants of the so-called DNR do not believe in the lies of russian propaganda that the ‘shelling’ of the correctional facility in Olenivka was carried out by Ukraine.

The SSU intercepted several such conversations - all of them will be included as evidence in the criminal proceedings, opened under Article 438 of the CCU (violation of laws and customs of war).

Currently, the entire array of information is being studied by SSU investigators.

Judging by the militants’ conversations, russians could have staged a tragedy having placed the explosives in the premises of the prison. In particular, none of the eyewitnesses heard any missile flying towards the correctional facility. There was no characteristic whistling, and the explosions occurred on their own.

Intercepted conversations confirm that the ruscists emplaced their Grad MRLS near the correctional facility and began firing into the Ukraine-controlled territory. However, no shelling in response was observed - this is confirmed by the ‘DNR’ fighters themselves.

Moreover, judging by the videos available on the Internet, the windows have remained whole in some rooms of the facility. This indicates that the epicenter of the explosion was inside the destroyed building and its walls took the hit from the blast waves, protecting some of the neighboring rooms.

Additionally, a preliminary analysis of the video shows that such traces on the walls from an explosion most likely remained due to an ‘internal source’ of the blast.

Overall, there is a lot of evidence that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not launch missiles or carry out artillery strikes near Olenivka. Therefore, all statements of russian propaganda about ‘shelling by Ukrainian military’ are outright lies and provocation.

Acting Head of the SSU Vasyl Malyuk has said that russia will not be able to absolve itself of responsibility for this bloody crime.

‘No matter what nonsense the enemies invent to justify themselves, it is obvious to everyone that russia is guilty of the deliberate killing of Ukrainian prisoners. This is confirmed by the first available evidence. I am confident that later there will be more evidence. SSU investigators have already started investigating this crime as part of the relevant criminal proceedings,’ Vasyl Malyuk said.

Acting SSU Head emphasized that the SSU will do everything possible to ensure that those who committed this outrageous crime receive the punishment they deserve.

‘We will not forgive any ruscist - everyone will be punished,’ Vasyl Malyuk added.