SSU interception: in Kharkiv region ruscists hide from Ukrainian FPV drones in holes and pray to survive (audio)

The SSU Special Operations Center ‘A’, together with units of the Defence Forces of Ukraine, is every day destroying the occupiers who are trying to break through the frontline in Kharkiv oblast.

This time, an entire enemy assault company near Kupiansk came under a massive attack by the SSU’s FPV drones.

One of the invaders complains to his mother in a phone conversation intercepted by the SSU: ‘There’s nothing left of us. There should be 126 of us... All the bulletproof vests are in holes, like a sieve, like a colander... Do you know how many of our company are left? 63 or 73 are wounded, and another 10 are dead...’

The occupiers are under constant fire from Ukrainian defenders, so they are forced to hide in holes and pray to survive.

The SSU and other units of the Defence Forces continue to make every effort to destroy the enemy!

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