SSU interception: occupiers receive orders to shoot civilians (audio)

‘F**king kill them all! Civilians, everyone, slay them all!’ such commands are given by Russian commanders to the invaders.

They carry them out, and then Russian politicians and propagandists speak about ‘staged video productions.’

No staged videos. These are crimes for which you will be responsible!

At the same time, according to new conversations intercepted by the SSU, invaders whine like children when they have to fight against a motivated army, not civilians.

Out of fear, they invent unrealistic figures of Ukrainian troops in order to somehow justify their helplessness.

‘… their group, 150,000!.. And us – if there are f**king 3,000, it’s f**king cool… they are on the left, on the right, they are f**king surrounding us. I was worried myself by the fact that there are so many of them, and so few of us…’ the occupier says.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which heroically defend us from the horde! True, there are a lot of us – entire Ukraine is rising against the invaders!

Victory will be ours!