SSU: Russians brag about torturing Ukrainian prisoners of war (audio)

Russia grossly violates Geneva Convention and other international documents on treatment of prisoners of war

The SSU has a shocking interception of a Russian executioner bragging to his friend about the atrocities he committed against Ukrainian prisoners of war.

‘They brought prisoners here. I f**king abused them: ‘I’ll cut off your f**king fingers! I’ll cut off your f**king wrist! Put them on a shovel, on a brick!’ ‘Aaaaah!’ he yells’, the invader says.

He admits that even his colleagues are surprised by his cruelty: ‘Salavat, how did get you so savage?!’

And the SSU already knows how. This 27-year-old Astrakhan orc Salavat Sarsenov came to Ukraine with the war as a contractor and has been trying unsuccessfully to advance in Zaporizhzhia direction.

We wonder if his mother, Zulfiya Sarsenova, knows about her sons ‘feats’?

Because the SSU is already documenting them as part of criminal proceedings.

So, if this savage individual manages to survive, he will certainly be brought to justice.

Together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine!