Kyiv city: SBU blocks Neo-Nazi terrorist group

The SBU blocked the activities of a neo-Nazi terrorist group in the city of Kyiv. The group members are the followers of the Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant.

During the investigation, SBU officers established that the leader of the group was an attacker call-signed “Hitler”. Using electronic means of communication and messengers, the terrorist organized a secret network for large-scale dissemination of propaganda, in particular Brenton Tarrant's “Manifesto”. The neo-Nazi called for ethnic and religious terrorist attacks.

The “Manifesto” was translated into Ukrainian and Russian and distributed in print version, provoking strong criticizm by the foreign ministries of Australia and New Zealand.

As a result of the investigation, which included relevant examinations and searches, the law enforcement officers collected evidence of “Hitler's” involvement in illegal activities: they seized printed copies of the “Manifesto”, communication devices and office equipment used to distribute terrorist publications. The neo-Nazi symbols were confiscated as well.

The group leader was served a suspicion notice of abetting and public appeals to commit act of terrorism. The issue of choosing a type of detention is being settled.

Earlier the law enforcement established that several people from the neo-Nazi circles were actively involved in unlawful activities of the group. In the summer of 2020, the SBU detained one of the group leaders, a Russian citizen, in the city of Kyiv. The foreigner is accused of illegal handling of weapons, rounds or explosives.

To remind, the neo-Nazi extremist Brenton Tarrant shot dead 51 people and wounded 40 Muslims at the mosques in city of Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019. The terrorist live-streamed footage of his rampage. Before that, he published the so-called Great Replacement manifesto on the Internet, calling for terrorist attacks on people of other races and religions.