SSU blocks over 120 cyberattacks against Ukrainian authorities in January 2022

In January 2022, the SSU Cyber Security Situation Center stopped and contained 121 cyberattacks against information systems of state institutions.

That was the outcome of direct analysis of over 25,000 critical information security events detected in the reporting month.

A detected cyberattack is the result of direct analysis of critical events related to information security.

It should be noted that the SSU is investigating the cyber attacks on government web-sites carried out on the night of January 14, 2022. The Service will inform on the results of investigation separately.

In January 2022, prevailing types of cyber threats (hacker attacks) were the following:

  • Connection to C&C Server;
  • Brute Force Attack;
  • Web App Attack;
  • Malware, etc.

Part of the SSU Cyber Security Situation Center is the SIEM, Security Information and Event Management System, which monitors events in real time and conducts cyber security assessment. Potentially critical events are directly handled by security analysts, allowing to promptly detect and thwart threats in the national cyberspace.

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