Ukrainian defenders make hell for invaders in Kherson region

This is evidenced by texting of a Russian invader, who managed to survive near Chornobayivka and is now in Bilozirka, Kherson region.

‘It’s a total clusterf**k. Ours are killed in droves, I’ve never seen so many corpses. We left Chernobaevka, it’s real hell! So many of ours were killed there, you can’t even imagine. We got so f**king beaten here – it’s impossible to describe,’ he writes to his acquaintance in Russia.

His pal is so brainwashed by propaganda that he can’t believe it! He is expecting Kyiv to be taken by May 9, because they said so ‘on the news on TV.’

‘What Kyiv, for f**k’s sake? What ‘going home’? I wish to just survive. When I saw my friend being torn apart, I was throwing up for about half an hour,’ the occupier explains.

He realizes that the deep trenches they began digging to increase their chances of survival can become a mass grave for them. So, he asks a friend to look after his son and wife.