Occupiers start to panic at mere mention of Chornobayivka (audio)

They massively refuse to go on the offensive in this direction and look for ‘fools’ who are ready to become cannon fodder.

This is evidenced by another call intercepted by the SSU in Kherson region. The recording is a conversation between a battalion commander of the russian armed forces and a company commander, who arrived with a reinforcement from the so-called DNR.

‘This morning the russians refused saying ‘Why are you going? You are ‘meat’!’ They stood here, then they were sent there [note: to Chornobayivka]. They refused, went the other way and said ‘Are you f**king idiots? Where the hell are you going?’, and then the panic started,’ the invader from ‘DNR’ complains.

He says that after the russians fled, only 5 of the 20 soldiers of the ‘DNR reinforcement’ agreed to participate in the offensive. And to convince the rest, the russian commander resorted to lies saying that the soldiers would stand in defence, not attack.

But that didn’t work either… Well, it’s hard to motivate people who don’t know what they’re doing here.