SSU neutralized over 4,500 cyberattacks on Ukraine in 2022 – Illia Vitiuk

The SSU is successfully protecting Ukraine’s information and digital security in wartime conditions: since the start of 2022, the SSU has neutralized over 4,500 cyberattacks and cyber incidents.

The Chief of the SSU Cyber Security Department Illia Vitiuk briefed about this on air of the We-Ukraine TV channel.

‘We approached 2022 with 8 years of hybrid warfare experience. After all, the war in cyberspace had been ongoing. At the time of the invasion, we were ready for the worst scenarios. And the massive cyberattacks that we repelled in January and February became extra ‘training’ before the invasion,’ Illia Vitiuk informed.

He underscored that with the start of the full-scale aggression, there was much more work. While in 2020 almost 800 cyberattacks were recorded and 1,400 in 2021, this year their number increased three times.

‘Today, the aggressor state launches an average over 10 cyberattacks a day. Fortunately, Ukrainian society does not even know about most of them,’ Illia Vitiuk remarked.

According to the Chief of the SSU Cyber Security Department, the enemy is targeting energy, military facilities, logistics as well as government databases and information resources.

‘We monitor risks and threats in real time 24/7. We know by name most of the hackers from russian special services working against us. The efforts to document them are ongoing. After Ukraine’s victory, they will face a separate block of sessions of an international military tribunal,’ Illia Vitiuk summed up.