At SSU’s initiative, activity of 12 pro-russian parties banned completely

The Administrative Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court of Ukraine has rejected the appeal of the Socialist Party of Ukraine and thus completely banned its activities in our country.

From now on, the activity of 12 pro-russian political forces are completely banned in Ukraine.

The decision to ban the functioning of the Socialist Party of Ukraine was made basing on the Presidential Decree and the decision of the National Security and Defence Council. These are founded on the evidence of the party’s destructive activities, collected within the SSU’s response to threats to national security.

First of all, it pertains to demonstrative support and popularization of russia’s aggressive anti-Ukrainian policy both at the level of leadership and ‘ordinary’ members of this entity.

Thus, this political force joined the list of previously banned pro-russian political parties, including: Opposition Bloc, Socialists, Party of Justice and Development, Nashi [Ours], Derzhava [State], Volodymyr Saldo’s Bloc, Left Opposition, Party of Shariy, Union of Left Forces, Opposition Platform - For Life and Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.

The SSU’s investigation proved that representatives of these political forces were directly involved in:

  • establishment of the occupation regime in the territories of Ukraine occupied by russia;
  • organization and holding of fake ‘referenda’ in these territories.

Since the beginning of russia’s large-scale invasion, the SSU investigators:

  • launched over 80 pre-trial investigations, including against members of councils of different levels;
  • within these proceedings, served 37 notices of suspicion.

Some suspects are hiding from justice, including in russia.

The SSU emphasizes the inevitability of punishment for crimes against Ukraine’s national security and will continue to defend the state’s interests in similar court cases.