At SSU’s initiative, political party Opposition Platform – For Life banned completely

On September 15, the Administrative Court of Cassation as part of the Supreme Court of Ukraine rejected the appeal of the pro-russian political party Opposition Platform - For Life and thus finally banned it in Ukraine.

The decision to prohibit the functioning of the entity in question was made on the basis of the President’s decree and the NSDC’s decision. They were based on evidence of the party’s destructive activities, collected within the SSU’s response to threats to national security.

This primarily pertains to demonstrative support and popularization of russia’s aggressive anti-Ukrainian policy, both at the level of the party’s leadership and regular members.

Opposition Platform - For Life broadcast the official position of the aggressor state towards Ukraine and caused significant damage to the interests of our state.

The investigation established the involvement of the leaders of the Opposition Platform - For Life in activities that pose real threats to national interests, security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the military aggression, SSU investigators:

  • have been carrying out pre-trial investigations in 70 criminal proceedings against the party’s officials involved in crimes against national security;
  • within these proceedings, have notified 30 citizens of Ukraine, including members of local councils, of suspicion of crimes.

Thus, the decision to ban the Opposition Platform - For Life is final and not subject to appeal, and the prosecution of party members who have harmed the interests of Ukraine continues.