Following SSU and National Police investigation, notorious Ukrainian businessman suspected of contract killing

The National Police, jointly with the SSU and the Prosecutor General’s Office, have uncovered new facts of unlawful activity by an owner of a large financial and industrial group. The person in question has been in custody since 2023 as a suspect in another case – on fraud and legalization of fraudulently obtained property.

According to the investigation, he is involved in organizing a contract killing of a law firm director in 2003.

In this way, the entrepreneur hoped to take revenge on the lawyer for refusing to participate in a transaction with the assets of a metallurgical plant.

He demanded that the lawyer annul the decision of the general meeting of the plant’s shareholders.

When the lawyer refused, the businessman engaged a criminal group specializing in contract crimes, including physical violence against competitors.

The gang attacked the owner of the law firm as he was leaving a store in downtown Feodosia, Crimea.

The four criminals hit the victim on the head with a metal rod and stabbed him in the chest, stomach and back.

However, thanks to timely medical aid, doctors managed to save the man’s life.

All four attackers were subsequently detained and sentenced to prison terms.

The law enforcement agencies have now collected sufficient evidence and served the organizer of the crime a notice of suspicion under Article 27.4, 15.2, 115.2 of the CCU (attempted premeditated murder).

The suspect faces life imprisonment.

The investigation was carried out under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.