Following SSU investigation, collaborator who joined russian ‘MIA’ during Kupiansk’s occupation sentenced to 12 years in prison

Based on the evidence collected by the SSU, another traitor who cooperated with the enemy during the occupation of Kupiansk, Kharkiv region, has been convicted to prison.

The convicted individual is a local resident who supported the ruscists as they invaded and later joined the local ‘unit of the russian ministry of internal affairs’.

There, he was appointed to a ‘patrol’ unit that guarded the buildings in which the russian invaders were based.

The collaborator, together with the armed occupiers, also walked around the town looking for members of the resistance movement.

After the liberation of Kupiansk, he tried to hide from justice.

However, the SSU found and detained him in May 2023 as a result of stabilization measures in the de-occupied area.

After the SSU’s investigation, the perpetrator was found guilty under Article 111-1.7 of the CCU (collaboration).

Given his cooperation with the investigation, the court sentenced him to 12 years in prison.

The investigation was carried out by the SSU Office in Kharkiv region under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.