Following SSU investigation, militants who tried to break through Ukrainian defences in Donetsk region sentenced to 15 years in prison

Based on the evidence collected by the SSU, another two traitors, who fought against Ukraine’s Defence Forces on the eastern front, have been convicted to imprisonment.

They were members of the occupation groupings of russia’s Southern military district and took part in numerous assaults on the AFU positions in Donetsk region.

Ukrainian defenders captured both men during battles in Bakhmut and Pokrovsk districts.

One of them was detained after a complete destruction of his unit, which tried to break through the Ukrainian defences in Siverskyi sector in February this year.

The militant was a resident of the temporarily occupied Bilovodsk, Luhansk region, and joined the 123rd separate motorized rifle brigade of the russian army in September 2023.

After the training, he was assigned to a mortar team to storm the outskirts of Bilohorivka.

Later, the ‘soldier’ was transferred to the village of Berestove, where he unsuccessfully attacked the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Another convicted individual is a resident of the temporarily occupied Yenakiyevo. He had been fighting against the Anti-Terrorist Operation Forces since 2014. At that time, he was a member of the occupation commandant’s company of the so-called ‘region cossack union of the don army’.

With russia’s full-scale invasion, the traitor was transferred to the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade of russia’s 1st army corps.

Together with other ruscists, he took part in repeated attempts to break through Ukraine’s strongholds near Novobakhmutivka.

Based on the SSU’s investigation, the court found both enemy accomplices guilty under Article 111.2 of the CCU (high treason, committed under martial law).

The criminal actions of the traitor from Yenakiyevo were additionally qualified under Article 258-3.1 of the CCU (participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization).

The investigation was carried out under the procedural supervision of Donetsk Region Prosecutor’s Office.