Following SSU investigation, GRU agent preparing russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure sentenced to 15 years in prison

Based on the evidence collected by the SSU, a citizen of belarus who came to Ukraine on the GRU’s instructions to adjust strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure has been convicted to prison.

The SSU detained the perpetrator in January 2024 when he tried to attach GPS trackers to the poles of power lines supplying Kyiv region.

Using the signals of the beacons, the occupiers intended to adjust targeted strikes on the energy facilities, including with the use of Shahed kamikaze drones.

According to the investigation, the foreigner was a member of the ‘L/DNR’ terrorist groups from 2014 to 2017and took part in warfare against the Anti-Terrorist Operation forces in eastern Ukraine.

At the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion, the militant joined the russian private military company ‘Wagner’ and stormed Bakhmut and nearby villages.

Later, he returned to belarus, where received an assignment from his russian military intelligence handler to prepare sabotage on the border of Ukraine.

Upon arrival in Rivne region from belarus, he was detained by the SSU.

Following the SSU’s investigation, the court sentenced the GRU agent to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property. The convict was found guilty under the Articles of the CCU:

  • 113 (sabotage);
  • 258-3.1 (participation in a terrorist group or terrorist organization).

The operation was carried out by the SSU Rivne Office jointly with the State Border Guard Service under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.