Following SSU investigation, EU introduces sanctions against Medvedchuk for financing kremlin’s EU mouthpieces

Following an investigation by the SSU and the Prosecutor General’s Office, in cooperation with the Office of the President of Ukraine and the Counterintelligence of the Czech Republic, the EU has imposed sanctions against Viktor Medvedchuk, who financed the kremlin’s information subversion in Europe.

According to the investigation, putin’s crony set up a media company, Voice of Europe, in Prague, headed by his associate, former general producer of the 112 TV channel Artem Marchevskyi.

Medvedchuk’s foreign project targeted European audience and massively spread russian propaganda and fakes about the war in Ukraine.

Primarily, this included information discrediting Ukraine’s Defence Forces and justifying russian war crimes against the civilian population of our country.

The destructive content was disseminated through the Voice of Europe website and its YouTube channel.

Medvedchuk also used his media company to provide information support and finance pro-russian political projects in the EU.

This activity peaked on the eve of the European Parliament elections to be held in June this year.

Using Voice of Europe, the kremlin tried to influence the course of the election process in an effort to ‘bring’ pro-russian politicians into the EU legislature.

In this way, moscow planned to expand its capacity to undermine the socio-political situation in Europe and discredit Ukraine in the eyes of the international community.

In March, thanks to the joint efforts of the SSU and Western partners, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs included Medvedchuk, Marchevskyi and the Voice of Europe company in the national sanctions list.

The restrictions imposed on them now apply throughout the European Union.

The sanctions include freezing financial assets of the kremlin’s associates in European countries and a ban on entry and transit through the EU.

Earlier, in mid-May this year, the Security Service of Ukraine uncovered an underground cell in Kyiv that worked for another pro-kremlin political project of Medvedchuk, The Other Ukraine.

Within the ongoing investigation, the SSU continues comprehensive efforts to bring all those involved to justice.