Results for first quarter of 2021: SBU prevents USD 714.3 million state losses

In the first quarter of 2021, the SBU prevented economic losses to the state totaling UAH 19.4 billion (USD 692.9 m). At the same time, the Service restored the right of state ownership to financial and material values worth UAH 500 m (USD 17.9 m). In total, the SBU prevented almost UAH 20 billion state losses.

The SBU continues to take proactive steps to protect the national interests of Ukraine. Thus, in 2021, the special service averted 429 emergencies at critical infrastructure facilities, as well as imposed sanctions on 136 legal entities and 41 individuals.

The SBU also prevented:

  • misappropriation of budget funds allocated for the construction and repair of public roads in the amount of UAH 935 m (USD 33.4 m) and their further diverting to non-observed economy sector;
  • Chinese representatives from establishing control over Motor Sich JSC and seizing the entire property complex and 100% of the company's shares;
  • state losses in the amount of UAH 116.6 m (USD 4.3 m) resulting from illegal schemes by Ukrzaliznytsia JSC representatives.

Moreover, during January-March 2021, the SBU stopped:

  • illegal transition from state ownership of a part of "Samara-Western direction" petroleum pipeline with an estimated cost of UAH 212 m (USD 7.6 m);
  • activity of a conversion center with an annual turnover of over UAH 500 m (USD 17.9 m), diverting cryptocurrencies to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine;
  • alienation of the coastal lands in Odesa region with a total value of UAH 115 m (USD 4,1 m).

The SBU consistently protects the critical infrastructure facilities and economy sector of the state. The SBU blocked the subversive actions aimed at damaging the facilities of Donetskoblgaz PJSC’s gas complex, exposed several channels of import of counterfeit tobacco products into Ukraine and as well as prevented a range of other crimes.