Following SSU investigation, Ukraine nationalizes two aircraft belonging to russia’s largest weapons manufacturer

Based on the SSU’s investigation, the High Anti-Corruption Court upheld the claim of the Ministry of Justice to transfer the property of the sanctioned russian corporation rostec to the state budget of Ukraine.

The assets in question are two AN148-100E passenger airplanes worth €10 million.

Before russia’s full-scale invasion, the aircraft were leased to a former Ukrainian air carrier for charter flights within Ukraine.

According to the investigation, the aircraft belonged to an offshore company that is part of rostec structure through the russian-controlled JSC Ilyushin Finance Co.

The kremlin’s corporation is the largest arms manufacturer for the russian occupation groupings fighting against Ukraine.

The SSU is currently investigating the criminal actions of the management the russian company and its offshore commercial entity under two Articles of the CCU:

  • 111-2.1 (aiding the aggressor state);
  • 111-1.4 (collaboration).

The measures to nationalize the aggressor’s property were carried out under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office.