Following SSU investigation, Ukraine nationalizes russian oligarch’s vessel worth over UAH 1 bln

Following the SSU’s investigation, the High Anti-Corruption Court upheld the claim of the Ministry of Justice to recover property of the russian oligarch Alexander Verkhovskyi for the benefit of Ukraine.

The property in question is a large fishing trawler Bukhta Sokolovskaya, which was being completed at a plant in Mykolaiv before russia’s full-scale invasion.

The cost of the ship is over UAH 1 billion (USD 24 mln).

The nationalized trawler was part of the trade ‘fleet’ of the sanctioned oligarch, who is a member of the kremlin’s inner circle.

Verkhovskyi is also one of the financial donors to russia’s war against Ukraine.

His fishing business allows him to regularly transfer billions of dollars to the russian budget. From there, these funds are used to arm and support the occupation groupings fighting against Ukraine’s Defence Forces.

To circumvent the sanctions, the beneficial owner registered the vessel to one of the controlled companies in Primorsky krai, russia.

The SSU exposed the fraud and blocked the russian trawler for its further arrest and nationalization in Ukraine’s favour.

The investigation was carried out under the procedural supervision of Mykolaiv Region Prosecutor’s Office.