SBU exposes systematic corruption in State Service for Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine

The SBU exposed systematic corruption in the State Service for Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine.

SBU officers documented fraud conspiracy of current and former officials of the given Service. Offenders extorted and received bribes for successful passing of exams by future sailors. Qualifying Committee members conspired with officials of maritime institutions. They extorted UAH 10,000 (USD 350) to license navigators. Monthly, the offenders received almost UAH 1 million (USD 35,000).    

It was established that the criminals assisted in sham test passing in the Kyiv State Academy of Water Transport with further issuance of a navigator license in the State Service for Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine.

The law enforcement initiated criminal proceedings for taking a bribe and documented two facts of corruption.

Investigative actions take place in premises of the Maritime Administration, navigator school and residences of involved individuals in order to seize documents and secret ledgers, proving corruption, as well as illegally received money.

Terms of detention and serving of suspicion notices within criminal proceedings initiated against the offenders under Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine are being considered. 

The investigation is ongoing.

The operation was conducted by the SBU Main Directorate on Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime under legal supervision of the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office No. 9.