Strengthening SSU's capabilities

In conditions of the full-scale war the SSU has become one of the key security institutions in counteraction to russian armed aggression.

The SSU not only defuses enemy agents inside the country but it is also effective on the front line, bringing the Victory closer.

The war proved that Ukraine needs a strong intelligence service. Responding to the challenges of wartime, the SSU has made significant progress in its activities, brining emphasis on such areas as counterintelligence, fighting crimes against national statehood, preventing terrorist attacks, investigating russian war crimes, cyber defense, etc.

‘During the full-scale war the SSU has proved that it is capable to be effective, powerful, and combat-ready – the way the people of Ukraine want it to be. As an important constituent part of the Defense and Security Forces, the SSU has built a reliable protection system of the state from russian intelligence services. Despite all the enemy's attempts to use its agents, collaborators or destabilize the situation in Ukraine, the SSU responds promptly to threats and even takes proactive steps,’ President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy evaluated the Service’s activities.