Defending Ukraine together!

From the first minute of the Russian large-scale invasion of Ukraine, on the night of February 24, 2022, the Security Service, together with all Ukrainian people, has risen to defend our Homeland. 

With weapons in our hands, we are performing combat missions in coordination with other military units in combat zones.

We are detecting and bringing to justice agents of the enemy’s special services, whom the invaders are trying to involve in both open and underground war against Ukraine.

We are detaining collaborators, artillery observers, eliminating sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Ukrainians are actively involved in detecting enemy agents and sabotage and reconnaissance groups, in recording the movement of enemy equipment. For this, we have created an official Telegram chatbot:

Thanks to the information received from citizens through this chatbot, a lot of Russian military equipment has already been destroyed and the enemy has suffered serious losses.

The SSU is also ensuring cyber security and defending cyber domain by promptly preventing threats in the national information environment and cyber space. In fact, the Russian invasion was preceded by two large-scale cyberattacks on Ukrainian government web resources in January and February 2022.

Such multidimensional counteraction to the enemy ensures stable operation of information systems of state authorities and critical infrastructure.

Another important line of work of the SSU is documenting evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine for consideration by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

In addition, the SSU is cooperating with the Return Alive Foundation and volunteer organizations; a Joint Center for Search and Release of Prisoners has been established to help Ukrainians.

Most importantly, the SSU is not only defending our country and its citizens, but is also promptly informing about its activities. We are using all available channels to reach every Ukrainian and help each other in these difficult times.

Together to victory!