Heroic resistance of Ukrainian defenders in Kharkiv region demoralizes enemy (audio)

The occupying forces are panicking and regret that they came to Ukraine with war.

This is mentioned in the new telephone calls of the invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘The guys are already in such panic… They are f**king firing at us from mortars, tanks, and we are not even allowed to retreat,’ an occupier complains to his mother.

He is outraged that only soldiers are being deployed to the front, while their commanders are sitting safely in the rear.

‘I really regret that I came here. Here, every day counts,’ he sums up.

Of course, he is right: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing their best, and it is highly unlikely one can evade punishment for invading our land. Almost 25,000 enemy invaders have already paid for that with their lives.

And the lucky ones still have a chance to lay down their arms and survive.