Russia’s leadership begins to take back money from occupiers, previously given for injuries (audio)

Russian occupiers are forced to return the money received for minor injuries.

This is confirmed by the new interception of the SSU.

‘On March 25, a guy was wounded in the shoulder, well, slightly injured, by shrapnel, just a little bit. He was taken to hospital. In a couple of days they paid him 3 million. And in April, on April 29, he came back here, he was fine, healed. And they took back these 3 million from him, arguing that it was a minor injury,’ an aggressor tells his mother.

He advises her to pass this information to his ‘f**king crazy’ friend, who was also injured in Ukraine and is already planning to spend his money.

‘Don’t spend the money yet. Because after the war, they will look into the severity of wounds. And from those with the first or second degree of injury, they will take away at least half of the sum,’ the occupier says.

Apparently, the only monetary incentive left in the army of invaders is payment in case of death.

But will they need the money in the afterlife? About 28,000 dead occupiers will never be able to answer this question…