russia’s leadership takes its soldiers home either in coffin or wounded (video)

The only other way to escape from the war in Ukraine is through captivity. So, now russian military are more willing to surrender than in the first weeks.

This is what the captured russian occupiers say.

‘We wanted to leave the unit on our own. In a word, terminate the contract. To which the commander replied that we would leave only as ‘200’ [killed] or ‘300’ [wounded]. If we try to escape, all around here is mined. And our military will fire at us,’ they tell the SSU.

This group of occupiers was taken prisoner after the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, when Ukrainian defenders encircled them.

Now, the SSU investigators are working with them, and the invaders themselves are glad to have saved their lives.

For those russians who also want to stay alive, we remind about a phone line for such cases: 2402.

It works for Ukrainian and Russian numbers.