Residents of so-called L/DNR urge their compatriots not to join russian army (video)

Residents of the so-called ‘L/DNR’ urge their compatriots not to join the russian army, even under threat of imprisonment.

This is the message of a member of Donbas ‘militia’, who in his time lacked the courage to refuse from participating in the war.

‘Human losses, destroyed houses, cities – they are not worth his [Putin’s] ambitions. If I faced the choice now: to take up arms or go to prison, I would choose to go to prison,’ says the militant of the so-called DNR, who was lucky to be taken prisoner by Ukrainian military.

According to this ‘warrior’, he was forcibly mobilized on February 24 - the first day of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. And then, without any training, they were thrown into battle.

He was taken prisoner because russian commanders abandoned their subordinates in the first dangerous situation.

That’s what ‘ruZZkiy mir’ [russian world] is like… Evil, which we will surely clear away from our land!