Occupier, who surrendered to Ukrainian Armed Forces, hopes to be included on ‘POW exchange list’ and come home (video)

Yet another occupier, who symbolically surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on May 9, now wants to go home and hopes to be included on the ‘exchange list’.

Seeing his son during a video call, he begins to cry.

He and his ‘colleagues’ are not thinking about many Ukrainian children who have been affected by the russian invasion of Ukraine and the 225 children who have been killed.

The occupier is more worried about his own fate.

So, he advises his wife to unite with relatives of other prisoners: ‘You need to start storming our military unit so that they put us on the exchange lists. Because we are listed as missing. Conspire somehow and give them a good ‘whupping’.

The SSU investigators are documenting his testimony, and the aggressor will be held to account for his actions before the law!