Occupiers cannot recruit enough contractors to ‘compensate’ their losses

Russian army cannot recruit enough contractors to ‘compensate’ those occupiers already eliminated by the Ukrainian military.

The plan to ‘substitute’ losses in the war in Ukraine is failing.

This is confirmed by texting between a contract soldier and an employee of the main directorate of the national guard of russia in Krasnodar Krai.

‘The shortage is serious. Nobody wants to enlist. I have 33 people in the battalion [with an average capacity of 500 servicemen],’ the woman from the national guard writes.

In response, the occupier, who is now in Kherson region, complains about the situation at the front: invaders are suffering significant losses. ‘The 34th Karachaevsk mechanized battalion was completely destroyed. 80% of personnel eliminated. They left their positions and told the commanders to go f**k themselves,’ the occupier writes.

The woman adds to the list of losses: the 150th division lost 60%, and the 102nd (that attempted to take Kyiv) was completely destroyed. So, she rhetorically asks: ‘And who to replace them with, one wonders?’

It seems that some russians have learned the lessons from Ukrainian Armed Forces: staying at home is the only way to survive.