russian soldiers lose confidence in their commanders and prepare for riots

This is stated in new telephone conversations of invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘They are standing there, they are being shelled, and the regiment commander is like, ‘Don’t retreat!’ And he himself is sitting there somewhere on a couch, drinking, probably…’ an occupier in Kharkiv region tells his dad.

The indignant father advises his son not to risk his life, but to refuse. And to avenge the commanders for this attitude, he advises: ‘As soon as you get out - you can take off your epaulets, then you sh*t in your hat, damn it, and put it on the head of your battalion or brigade commander. And let him go and f**king wipe himself! F**k them with such war…’

Because, though late, it came to him that ‘handsome, strong and powerful commanders are only on TV.’

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will make sure that the occupiers have neither commanders no soldiers left.