SSU: Occupiers compare their army to prison and ignore commanders’ orders (audio)

Occupiers mobilized from ‘DNR’ compare their army to prison.

They accuse russian leadership of deception and manipulation and have no idea when they will come back home.

‘They say that supposedly ‘we are not here’. So, we’re afraid they will keep us here for six months… Everyone here is in depressed mood… If they could at least tell us some dates… Even if a person is in prison – they know their term. If you behave, you get out sooner. And here… this sh*t…’ an invader says.

He mentions that the occupiers want to survive so much that they openly sabotage their commanders’ orders.

‘We now don’t even hurry up to execute orders. Because sometimes they are changed for just the opposite ones,’ the occupier sums up.

And this is the right approach. An even better approach is to totally ignore orders of russian commanders, lay down arms and save one’s life.