Occupiers are jealous because Ukrainians have Bayraktar drones and fear new supplies of foreign weapons for Ukraine (audio)

This is confirmed by new telephone conversations of invaders intercepted by the SSU.

‘Wish we had f**king drones like they have Bayraktars. Wouldn’t this be f**king great! ‘Birds’ fly, spot, send coordinates and they f**king hit us!’ russian contract soldier in Zaporizhzhia region complains to his friend.

He laughs at the phrase ‘russia’s greatness’ because the occupiers ask sponsors to purchase even simple quadcopters: ‘russia is a wild state, damn it. We started this special operation ourselves… f**king great russia, farmers raise money to buy us quadcopters!’

So, the scared invaders follow the news about new supplies of foreign weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: ‘Guys read in the news: Poles delivered to Ukraine either 2000… or 200 tanks. Now, they’ll start to supply… This is gonna be a f**king disaster…’

They probably haven’t yet read the news about the lend-lease act and new howitzers.

So, there are many revelations ahead of them… Not just in the news, but also on the battlefield!