SSU interception: kadyrovites steal even from Russian military (audio)

Kadyrovites are so obsessed with looting that they steal even from russian military.

This is evidenced by a telephone conversation between the invaders intercepted by the SSU.

One of the occupiers, stationed in Kherson region, complains to an acquaintance that Chechens stole his gun.

‘They came, as they said, to pray: ‘Let us in, bro, we’re friends, doing reconnaissance.’ I let them in, damn it. While he was praying, he swiped my PM [Makarov pistol]! They jumped in a car and f**king left’, a russian invader recounts.

For losing his weapon, he was sent to dig trenches. And then it turned out that this was not enough to redeem himself, so he was given 2 days for searching.

‘And if I don’t find it, I’ll be killed! And they will write me off because ‘I’m missing… disappeared after a reconnaissance mission against the ‘Ukrops’ [Ukrainian defenders], shot by them,’ he explains.

This trend in the russian army is quite satisfying. The more weapons they steal from themselves, the closer our victory is!

Glory to Ukraine!