russians complain about ‘shameful’ parade but still want to eradicate Ukrainians (audio)

Experiencing all the economic troubles and military failures, most russians decided that Ukraine is to blame for this, as it had put up fierce resistance to the occupiers. So, now the russian parade is to celebrate not victory, but shame!

This is evidenced by telephone conversations intercepted by the SSU.

‘I don’t know what this parade is for. Why the heck it’s needed? All this is shameful… No one is in the mood… It’s moronic. Everyone is downhearted, sad… Well, most people. They understand that it’s tight with work now, with these sanctions. In short, we’re in deep sh*t…’ a ‘peaceful’ russian woman sums up.

russian propaganda has explained the causes to her, and now she sincerely believes that Ukrainians should be exterminated.

‘Making barbecue, yeah? Make them out of khokhols [derogatory russian term for Ukrainians]! Beat these bastards! After all they’ve been doing, these jerks!’ the mother advises to her son, an occupier.

It is unlikely that she will ever realize that russia was the first to disgrace itself in this war…