russian propaganda again begins to actively spread disinformation about alleged ‘provocations of Ukrainian special services’

The enemy threw in another nonsense into the information field that in Dnipro ‘the SSU obliged the chief physicians of regional medical institutions to take to the Mechnikov Hospital the bodies of women and children who died from accidents and diseases.’ According to russians, it is planned to bring these bodies to one of the city’s public facilities, where a russian air raid will be simulated.

As we can see, the cynicism of the enemy’s propaganda is simply outrageous. It is senseless to seriously comment on another fiction. After all, the reason for such statements is obvious - russia is trying to absolve itself of responsibility for war crimes. And it does so in advance, often announcing its own ‘operations’ in this way.

However, the whole world understands that it is the russian military who regularly shell peaceful Ukrainian cities, kill civilians, rape women in the occupied territories, take children to ‘filtration camps’, and torture captives.

And this, unfortunately, is not a ‘simulation’, but a reality that we are fighting against every day. And the punishment for such crimes will be just as real and maximally effective.