russian commanders lie to moscow about their ‘victories’ in Ukraine (audio)

The occupiers are suffering devastating losses in the war but continue to report to the kremlin about their ‘successes’. For example, about ‘capturing’ Dovhenke village, Izium district, Kharkiv region.

The invaders reported about its capture in late April. Although, in reality the village is under the control of Ukrainian defenders, and the battle for it is ongoing.

From the SSU’s new interception it is clear that they can even put the russian lying commander in prison for such a ‘victory’.

‘You understand the ‘joke’? There was a showdown already: if we don’t take Dolhenkoye, there are two, even three cases open against division commander - they’ll put him in jail. And that’s it! Thing is 3 weeks ago we reported that we’d taken Dolhenkoye. But we’re actually fighting for it now,’ a russian aggressor tells his mother.

Currently, the enemy is actively shelling Dovhenke, which they had ‘already taken’, and neighbouring villages with artillery, multiple rocket launchers, mortars and tanks. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine are resisting the occupiers!