Occupiers go crazy at front line (audio)

The invaders are extremely frightened by their losses in the war in Ukraine.

This is evidenced by new interceptions of the SSU.

‘I don’t have any of the officers. Two officers have been wounded, two - killed. It’s just out of 84, only 30 remain, for f**k’s sake…’ an occupier complains to his former colleague, who is treating his injuries in russia.

His pal does not deny this: ‘They say, people go crazy… Have you heard? They go crazy, those who come to the frontline…’

So, after recovery, the wounded is not going back to Ukraine: ‘There’s no f**king reason. A guy was brought, his leg was blown off… The vehicle’s door was f**king blown off, he’s lying without his leg… it’s not worth this money.’

This is, although belated, but a correct understanding of the situation.