russian occupiers throw grenades to basements where civilians hide from shelling (audio)

The SSU obtains more evidence of killings of civilians by russian occupiers.

russian occupiers use grenades to ‘clear’ basements where civilians hide from shelling.

This is evidenced by a new telephone conversation intercepted by the SSU.

‘Do you know how we clear basements? We don’t ask who’s there, we throw grenades instead, we don’t give a sh*t. Our  detachment is called the Suicide Squad, a squad of cut-throats,’ a russian invader in Kharkiv region boasts to his wife.

He ‘reassures’ her saying that this is common practice. Then, he recounts how the occupiers from another unit abused and raped a woman.

While his ‘achievements’ include torture: ‘I do such things here! I f**king kill everyone, I don’t give a f**k if they are civilians or not. I can just grab a knife and cut off their ears.’

He says that he will do the same in russia. Although, it’s unjustified optimism on his part to build such far-sighted plans. After all, Ukrainian defenders do their job well.