Russian occupiers massively refuse to go on offensive in Kharkiv region (audio)

Russian invaders are so afraid of Ukrainian Armed Forces that they massively refuse to go on a new offensive in Kharkiv region.

They are even not scared by the threats to be executed for non-compliance with the order.

This is evidenced by a conversation between russian invaders intercepted by the SSU near Izium, Kharkiv region.

‘In short, we refused to take part in this sh*t, get it? And they treat us here really tough in general, almost to the point of execution. We want to leave, but they don’t let us. He says: ‘We were told to shoot you’,’ an occupier complains to an acquaintance in russia.

When asked about the reason for the refusal, he answers: ‘Well, they send us directly to the front line, to real hell. There we’re cannon fodder… There is just the artillery… and to go under the artillery fire – it’s a f**king suicide,’ the russian ‘soldier’ explains.

His argument has logic, of course. But he should have thought better before: it was not worth going not only to the front, but to Ukraine, overall.