russian occupiers, mobilized in April and already taken prisoner, testify

They were promised big money and relatively peaceful tasks: to sort through the rubble and tidy up the streets in the so-called L/DNR, to transport and load the dead and wounded, as well as to stand guard at checkpoints.

In fact, all the ‘reservists’ are sent to the hottest parts of the front.

The SSU has learnt about this from the testimony of the invaders who were taken prisoner and spoke about hidden mobilization in russia.

The video shows fighters from the regiment BARS 7 of the russian armed forces. This is a special unit of the occupiers that has been formed in the Southern Military District a few months before the start of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

‘BARS’ stands for ‘combat army reserve of the country’.

Their regiment was completely destroyed by Ukrainian defenders on April 30 in the battle near Zolotoye (Luhansk region).

Each prisoner has his own story, but the same mission - to be cannon fodder. Some haven’t even managed to fire a single shot and are happy to have survived.