russian soldiers invent their own life hacks not to die in war in Ukraine (audio)

To do this, you need to pour sand in the fuel – so that the tank doesn’t start. And if they command to advance on foot - just tell the ruscist commander to go in the direction of the ship.

In the new SSU interceptions, the occupiers are sharing these life hacks with each other.

‘Our guys pour sand into the fuel system, into the tanks, not to go on the offensive! I do not follow stupid orders, I just refuse! He wanted to send me against the bloody tanks, piece of sh*t! I just told him to go f**ck himself and that’s it,’ russian invader tells his friend.

He wonders if he will be punished for such behaviour. Hearing a negative answer, he’s thinking about repeating the life hack in his own unit.

The SSU welcomes this practice! It can also be improved - just give up, leave Ukraine and go home!